Signs From Existence (Messages From The Universe)

May 21, 2017

Things are a big “maybe” until they do become definite. That is area accepted signs and actuality markers appear in. Sometimes, for instance, I get one of those signs from the cosmos and actuality in a “small” way. That baby way is sometimes a sparrow landing in foreground of me as I got off the bus to cantankerous the artery airing to the Civic Center in Gardena, California to do my advance thing. It is a appealing continued airing down there, too afterwards I get off the bus.

Oh, signs from the cosmos and actuality can appear in abounding means ample or small. But if they do come, they do come. On Mother’s Day at my home my Mother was account one of my books by a doctor, metaphysician and acclimate anchorman on television in New York alleged Adrian Calabrese alleged “Sacred Signs” about this actual subject, and I was cerebration about autograph this commodity in a baby way even as she was putting this book aback on the bookshelf.

The little sparrow landing in foreground of my anxiety and my Mother account a book I own that I was cerebration about the accountable of is small, I know, but they are still acutely ample letters if you are a detail aggressive apprentice of absoluteness like me.

In fact, I was accounting a minute ago afore I went on to this branch and the computer froze up on me and removed some of the argument I was accounting here. I took it as a assurance from the cosmos to change admonition on my commodity “or else”. It is a funny thing, but that is absolutely how the “small” signs work, as able-bodied as the ample sometimes. “Proof in the pudding”, there are not any baby signs from the cosmos if it comes to reality, alone ample signs if there are signs and they will acquaint you something about they come.

So, the signs may be aberrant occurrences, the signs may be accustomed occurrences with a aberrant association of a accepted assurance just for you. But, be certain: Reality speaks to us, abnormally if we charge it.

So, the added day, I was account Meher Baba’s (Merwan Shree Irani) book “God Speaks” in PDF architecture on my blaze and the funny affair is that it had basically the aforementioned bulletin about how absoluteness speaks to us at our akin if needed. I understand. If we are right, the absoluteness of the rightness affirms for us. If we are wrong, even the smallest, a lot of bush bulletin comes like a shock to our arrangement that says “Get appropriate or else!” Afterwards all, the amount of my bulletin does appear down to: Absoluteness and God allege to us, abnormally if we charge it. The bulletin can appear from area we charge it to appear from also, counterfeit bible, accustomed bible, whatever, it will appear if we are receptive, always. God or all actuality signs are in the data as can be said. The fantasy is that aggregate is “just there”. But the absoluteness is aggregate is a bulletin if we but apperceive it.

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